Hiking the Chimneys

It was a beautiful day to take a hike in the Great Smoky Mountains. It’s funny how something can be so breathtakingly beautiful yet can be so easily overlooked. I think many east Tennesseans take it for granted; the mountains are such an essential part of our backdrop that we simply get used to it and forget they even exist.

Today I went with four of my friends to hike the Chimneys. Though the name may suggest an easy climb, the four mile round trip hike was painfully exhausting, even when it was my fourth time hiking the trail. We took several water breaks which we were all grateful for. It took maybe two hours to reach the top, where we then faced a large, steep rock. We climbed its surface, like how you would if you were to go bouldering. Eventually we reached the top, and our sweat, blood, and maybe a few tears (kidding…) were greatly rewarded. All of the pictures I could take from the peak would never do it justice. The mountains never ended. Far away, we could see the road we drove to get to the trailhead snaking around the hills. From where we stood, the road looked as if it were fit for an ant. It made me feel so small standing up there.

Hiking is always a humbling experience. What’s even better is that I always get to share this experience with friends or family. It’s a great bonding experience and a really fun, effective way to get in your exercise.

If you ever need something to do, try going on a hike. Chances are you wont regret it.


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