Hello, reader. Looooong time no see. Today I want to tell a short story about a girl who learned to say yes.

That girl is me. Fun fact: exactly one year ago today, I said yes to the challenge of starting up a blog and also made a promise to myself that I would publish at least one post per week. Well, we can all see how that turned out. I’m done with my freshman year of college and I don’t even have five blog posts to show for it.

But now here we are: I am finally publishing a blog post! This is the story of a girl, me, who learned to say yes. Don’t be concerned: I am not talking about willfully choosing to participate in dangerous, sketchy, harmful activities (please give a big no to those), but rather saying yes to the things that help mold you into the person you are striving to become.

If you ask anyone, chances are they’ll tell you that during your time in college, you will discover yourself and who you are truly meant to be. And I agree with them. I know that for me, freshman year of college was the most transformative, challenging, yet rewarding year of my life. But what exactly perpetuated my “transformation”? How were these changes initiated and encouraged? I believe it was through a single word:


Say yes. That is quite possibly the most important concept I took away from my past year in college. Once I learned to embrace it, saying yes proved to be the best, most effective way to challenge myself and push myself out of my comfort zone. Accepting challenges and welcoming new possibilities opened up doors that I never knew existed. They introduced me to experiences that shaped me into something that I’d like to think is greater than what I was before.

So my plea to you – whether you are like I was, the timid, scared high school graduate about to embark on your college journey, or you are yearning to make the most of this beautiful life we’ve been given – is to SAY YES.  Say yes to the experiences that make you feel like nothing could ever be better, to the experiences that make life 100% worth living. Say yes to opportunities. Say yes to bold opportunities that enable you to depart from that comfort zone you’re so acclimated to, to opportunities that lead you to grow and flourish in unprecedented ways. And say yes to people. Say yes to people who stand by you and behind you, to people who want to see you thrive, to people that love you for you.

I’ll caution you that saying yes is not easy. Doing so is a venture into the unknown, but I promise that the results you cultivate are so unbelievably rewarding.

Take it from the girl that learned to say yes: some well-deserved introspection on the flipside of it all reveals the extraordinary, transformative power of a simple three-lettered word.