Happy Wednesday! As I’m sitting in bed procrastinating on watching an hour-long documentary about the Magnificent Medici (Age of Exploration friends where you at?!), I instead am finding myself thinking about the past summer and more importantly looking forward to the school year ahead.

This past summer has been one for the books. While it wasn’t jam-packed with crazy activities or world travel or anything quite so ambitious, it was one where I can say for certain that I underwent substantial change. For ten weeks, I had the privilege of being a camp counsellor at Milton Collins Day Camp for some of the most precious first graders I’ve ever come across. Though I knew none of them before, we all grew very close. In a way, they kind of became my kids (several of my campers have even mistakenly called me “Mom” on many different occasions). So, as kids go, while our time together at camp was definitely relaxed and fun, there were times when my patience was tested beyond what I thought was possible. There is nothing that’ll do it quite like kids openly defying your instructions or splashing you in the face relentlessly at the pool even when you’ve asked them time and time again to stop. Being a camp counsellor was hard at times, yes, but ultimately, I learned the importance of patience and compassion. I learned that there can never be an over-abundance of these two things, and I believe that if the world had a little more of each of them, we’d be in a much happier, agreeable place. My time at Milton Collins also taught me that I don’t need to stress over every single minute detail of my life. The small things I decided to waste my time stressing over ended up being either unimportant or insignificant in the long run. Once I learned to let go of my doubts and uncertainty, I found that though things may have been out of my control to a certain extent, they ended working out beautifully, and at times, even better than I could have hoped.

Now to the present: today was my first day of sophomore classes. Starting at 8a.m., I had an exciting schedule of Genetics, Organic Chemistry, and Honors Age of Exploration. Spending class time today going over syllabi and getting to know my fellow classmates enabled me to ease my brain into school mode. While making the routine round of introductions in AOE, I was asked what my dreams and aspirations were for the semester ahead. In that moment, I came to the realization that any experiences had and lessons learned as a counsellor this past summer all were to prepare me for my time to come as a college student. This semester, I aspire to become the best version of myself that I have ever been. I hope to exude patience and compassion toward others, even when I feel stretched or tested. I strive to not sweat the petty things, but rather devote my time and attention to people and things that are actually important and take top priority in my life. In the end, I hope to undergo a metamorphosis. A change. There is still so much to learn and to explore, and I cannot wait to jump in and see what sophomore year has in store for me. Yes, there will be trying times, and I will come across challenges both big and small. But once the trials have been overcome, and once sophomore year has come to an end, I cannot wait to look back like I have on this summer and see the metamorphosis I have undergone.



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