That’s a wrap on the second day of classes! Since my first class and only class of the day wasn’t until 11:00, I started the morning off right with a run at the gym followed by a wholesome breakfast of egg and avocado. My 11:00, sociology, was filled with a diverse collection of people spanning across all ages and majors. Mix that with a slightly eccentric professor to make what will probably be the most interesting class of the semester for me.

Only having one class meant having a lot of time to spend by myself. Aside from doing homework and the mundane day-to-day tasks that have to get done, I had a lot of time to just think. For me, thinking can bring me two directions. In one direction, my thoughts are uplifting, positive, and ultimately create a bright, glowing outlook on my life and my circumstances at the moment. But it’s when I let my thoughts head in the other direction that things begin to look bleak; I find myself plagued with more negative, pessimistic thoughts. While it’s never the place I like to find myself, that is the place I let my thoughts drift to today. Life as a college student is hard, especially when it comes to finding the delicate balance among schoolwork, your social life, and personal health (physical, mental, and emotional). I have yet to find contentment in my standings among those things, and this is something that I, along with probably every college student out there, still wrestle with. This struggling, paired alongside my fragility and doubtful thoughts that seemed especially evident and prevalent today, made today a roller coaster filled with highs and lows.

One of the bright sides, I suppose, of having a lot of time to myself is that I get to jam out to my favorite music. So of course, I put my Jesus playlist on shuffle and let Spotify take the wheel. The first song that came on was “It Is Well” by Bethel Music. Sometimes I like to think that Jesus speaks to me through beautiful, holy music, and I can almost say without a doubt that He did that here in my humble room. The words to “It Is Well” reminded me of the obvious fact that Jesus has ultimate control of my immediate circumstance, my messy past, and my ambiguous future. He is greater than anything and everything we will ever have to face, and that is a comforting and reassuring fact.


so let go my soul and trust in Him

the waves and wind still know His name/

it is well with my soul/

through it all, my eyes are on You



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