Vacation to Charleston, SC

It seems like as the years have gone on, my family has deviated from our normal Christmas tradition. Up until two years ago, we would drive to Memphis, Tennessee, to spend Christmas and the few days leading up to it at my cousins’ house. But now that one of my cousins has moved here to Knoxville and the rest of his family has moved to an apartment in middle Tennessee, our Christmas tradition has been turned upside down and is basically now nonexistent. So this holiday season, my family decided to take a short vacation away to Charleston, South Carolina. None of us had been there before and my parents had heard overwhelmingly good things about it, so we packed our bags and drove over on the 26th.


We started our visit by exploring the historic downtown scene. I immediately noticed the timeless feel of the city. Buildings had a classical feel and they were also painted fun colors which added to the vibrancy of the city. Since Charleston is a tourist destination, there were horse carriages on nearly every corner carrying people for tours. We walked up and down King Street which would be the ideal stop for the shopping obsessed. There was also a market stretch with unique items and trinkets that were characteristic of Charleston.

On Day 2, we visited Magnolia Plantation which I loved for its beautiful gardens. It was surreal standing in a place that still holds so much historical value, as the plantation was an important location for many events around the time of and during the American Revolution. After spending half of our day there, we revisited the opposite side of King Street (more shopping) and ended our day by visiting Rainbow Row and the waterside.


It was a short getaway to Charleston, but it was nice getting out of Knoxville for a little while. The new sights, fun memories, and getting to experience a new culture were all things I wouldn’t trade. I can’t wait for the adventures this new year holds!


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